.Every Mikkle. Every Need

We believe in the necessity of HOLLISTIC PROGRAMS
that cater to every need and every aspect of each child we serve.

  1. 1
    Mental Health
    We aim to create events that help to emotionally stabilize the children we interact with and promote consistency to increase their sense of security.
  2. 2
    Physical Health
    We have activities aimed at raising awareness of dental care, physical hygiene and the importance of exercise. Most of our activities are indeed quite active.
  3. 3
    Career Guidance
    We provide mentorship opportunities and career panels based on the professional interests of the children we serve. They are able to explore alternative career paths as well.
  4. 4
    After-School Programs
    We believe education is extremely important and provide homework help for challenged children. Volunteers are also free to help whomever, however with homework.
  5. 5
    Visual Arts
    We think creativity and self-expression is therapeutic as an outlet and also important in shaping a well-rounded child. We provide tons of arts and crafts opportunities.
  6. 6
    The Performing Arts
    We are passionate about the performing arts. Many of our events incorporate them somehow especially music, drama and dance. The kids are very talented and love it!
  7. 7
    We are also a very athletic bunch and provide various sport activities to the children. Our favourites are football, ultimate frisbee and cricket of course!
  8. 8
    Our Environment
    We not only teach environmental awareness, but provide the children with practical ways to help the environment. We also show them how to be self-sustainable.


Every year, especially before Christmas, we collect clothing to be donated to the children. In 2016 we collected close to 2000 pieces! The kids really appreciate it.
Every year, we collect fictional books as well as school supplies to ensure that the children are not at more of a disadvantage at school or in life.
Every International Women's Day we meet at Pages in the Gardens with our girls from St. Anthony's and provide them with a night of inspiration, practical advice and phenomenal fun!
Christmas can be a very difficult time for kids in children's homes as they don't have access to the majority of the things Christmas is about: family, gifts, great food, etc. We decided in 2013 to help change that and provide these  fantastic but normal children with a fantastically normal Christmas experience. Every Christmas Eve we decorate the tree, exchange gifts, enjoy delicious KFC, play together, dance, sing and have a blast in true Christmas fashion.