1. The Every Mikkle Foundation Christmas Eve Fun Day 2018
    The Every Mikkle Foundation Christmas Eve Fun Day 2018
    This was our best Fun Day yet! We had a Christmas Eve Decorating contest, a drum circle, drove Go Karts, jumped in the bounce-a-bout, danced, ate, played football, played frisbee and of course exchanged gifts. Memories we will never forget.
  2. Our Executive Director doing some executive directing
    Our Executive Director doing some executive directing
  3. Go Karts!
    Go Karts!
  4. Drum Circle
    Drum Circle
  5. Manicures
  6. Dance Workshop!
    Dance Workshop!
  7. Teamwork!
  8. More Gifts!
    More Gifts!
  9. Bouncing!
  10. Gifts
  11. Christmas Tree Decorating
    Christmas Tree Decorating
  12. Unity!
  13. Football
  14. Have to have balloons
    Have to have balloons
  1. The Every Mikkle Christmas Eve Fun Day 2017
    The Every Mikkle Christmas Eve Fun Day 2017
    We held our annual Christmas Eve Fun Day and had our annual fun! We made new friends and memories and cannot wait for the next one!
  2. Thank you KFC!
    Thank you KFC!
  3. Ready for the fun!
    Ready for the fun!
  4. They grow so fast!
    They grow so fast!
  5. Time for the workshops!
    Time for the workshops!
  6. When the manicurist gets a manicure!
    When the manicurist gets a manicure!
  7. Warm up for dance!
    Warm up for dance!
  8. Run!
  9. Frisbee
  10. Ball Game!
    Ball Game!
  11. The Icing on the Cake.
    The Icing on the Cake.
  1. Phenomenal Females 2017
    Phenomenal Females 2017
    We had our 2nd annual Phenomenal Females event on International Women's Day to honour 5 Phenomenal Females who came to share their experiences and advice with the girls from St. Anthony's and Mary's Child. This year's honourees are Kristina Newsam, Renée Lloyd, Judene Edwards, Saffron Brown-McDonald and Sevana. Thank You to Pages in the Gardens for our delicious meals, Gifts And More for the beautiful gift baskets and Rejuvenation Day Spa for gifting the caretakers much deserved relaxing mani-pedis.
  2. Kristina Newsam
    Kristina Newsam
    Kristina is a phenomenal 26 year old mother of 1 (David). She is currently a writer for mycrickethighlights.com. In the past she has served as a Reservations Agent for Caribbean Airlines and has served on the National Council on Youth Development. Kristina has taught Spanish at Queen’s Prep and Piano at Cole Musiq. Congratulations Kristina!
  3. Dare to Dream
    Dare to Dream
    Kristina shared how to follow our dreams and gave us practical steps to stay inspired and be successful. Thank you Kristina!
  4. Renée Lloyd
    Renée Lloyd
    Renée is a phenomenal 27 year old who plans on having 3 children in the future. Renee earned a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master’s degree in Politics and International Cooperation from UWI, The Institute of Political Science in Bordeaux, France and The University of the French West Indies in Martinique. She is currently working at her first job as a Foreign Service Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has been there since 2012. Congratulations Renée!
  5. ¿Como se dice...?
    ¿Como se dice...?
    Renée came and showed us how to say some very useful phrases in Spanish, French and Korean! Thank You Renée!
  6. Judene Edwards
    Judene Edwards
    Judene Edwards is a phenomenal 27 year old woman. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality and Tourism with a major in Events Management and a Minor in Marketing from UTECH. Judene works as events coordinator for the Office of the Governor General and Staff of Jamaica. She also owns the One Body One God Dance Ministry and serves as the artistic director for the company. Congratulations Judene!
  7. Event Planning 101
    Event Planning 101
    Judene showed us the key elements of event planning then taught us how to plan an event from scratch. Thanks Judene!
  8. Saffron Brown-McDonald
    Saffron Brown-McDonald
    Saffron is a phenomenal 22 year old mother to Sayuri (2) and wife to Shaq. She is a customer service/sales agent and entrepreneur. She has her own swimsuit line called Safari Swimwear for which she makes the swimsuits, models them and markets them online. She previously had a clothing line for babies called Sayuri’s (named after her daughter). Her last job was as a customer service agent at Interior Décor. Congratulations Saffron!
  9. Headbands!
    Saffron showed the new and soon-to-be teenage moms how to quickly make a gorgeous headband for their babies. Thanks Saffron! Check out her new adult swimwear line on instagram at @safarixx_swimwear_ja
  10. Sevana
    Sevana (after her hometown Savannah-La-Mar) entered Digicel Rising Stars in 2008 with SLR, placing third. Sevana Recorded her first track at 17. She performed a few years after at Reggae Sumfest 2014. Sevana was featured on on Protégé’s Ancient Future Album. She joined him on his Ancient Future tour across Europe and in Trinidad and Tobago . Sevana’s self-titled EP was released in July 2016. Following the release of her EP, she has toured and performed in Europe with her own band at several festivals and been featured on many global music charts
  11. Living the Dream
    Living the Dream
    Sevana shared her story with us and bonded so well with the girls that she'll be visiting them at their home. Thank you and congratulations Sevana!
  12. Sayuri
    Our youngest and cutest participant came to hear her mommy, Saffron speak.
  13. Dinner Time
    Dinner Time
    Thank You David Brown and the Pages in the Gardens staff for accommodating us each year and providing such delicious food!
  14. Yum!
    The food was great!
  15. Thank You 
Pages in the Gardens
    Thank You Pages in the Gardens
    Kimberley stands with David Brown from Pages in the Gardens. Check them out! The food is exceptional, the ambience is ethereal and the surroundings are breathtaking. They are located in Hope Gardens.
  16. Certificates
    For our Phenomenal Awardees.
  17. Gift Baskets
    Gift Baskets
    Thank You Gifts and More!
  18. Skype!
    Our Executive Director, Rachel Brown Skyped in from Barcelona so she could be at the event. That's dedication!
  19. Caretakers Taken Care of
    Caretakers Taken Care of
    This is one of the aunties who supervises the girls daily. She helps them with their babies, prenatal care, cooks for them, helps clean with them, helps manage the home, keeps the girls safe and keeps them happy. We decided to treat her and the other aunty present for their hard work and thanks to Rejuvenation Day Spa, they will be getting relaxing mani-pedis.
  20. Phenomenal
    Kimberley and our awardees. From left: Saffron Brown-McDonald, Renée Lloyd, Kimberley Lawrence, Sevana, Judene Edwards and Kristina Newsam.
  1. The Every Mikkle Christmas Eve Fun Day
    The Every Mikkle Christmas Eve Fun Day 2016
    We can't believe this is our 4th Fun Day! We had a blast as always. This year we had football, ultimate frisbee, dance workshops, art and craft, mani-pedis, games, and a brand new music workshop (Thanks AIU and friends). We served 100 kids and had 75 wonderful volunteers. Thank You to our fabulous sponsors; Pages in the Gardens, KFC and Liberty Academy.
  2. We had a dance off
    We had a dance off
    The kids beat the volunteers but they tried their best. Thanks Schoy Stewart for showing us some moves!
  3. Art and Craft Planning
    Art and Craft Planning
    The team is all set to accommodate the kids
  4. Focus
    We take kite-making seriously
  5. Mani-pedis
    Our resident manicurist did an excellent job
  6. Ultimate Frisbee
    Ultimate Frisbee
    Ryan is our resident top athlete. What can't he do?
  7. Teammates
    Shannon and Xavier are waiting eagerly for the frisbee
  8. Football
    Monique needs you to pass the ball
  9. Chadwick
    One of the band members present. We had singers, keyboardists and sound mixers. The finished product was amazing!
  10. Time-Keeper
    Ludlow our Director of Marketing keeps us in check!
  11. Ashley
    Showing us her killer moves
  12. So Much Fun
    So Much Fun
    Our student ambassadors prep the drinks for the children
  13. Happy Ambassadors
    Happy Ambassadors
    They might be silly but they get the job done!
  14. Tutorial
    Mr. Brown from Pages in the Gardens shows the volunteers how to use the deep fryer safely.
  15. The Practical
    The Practical
    Now to test what they've learnt! Stefon and Christina did well!
  16. Food Prep
    Food Prep
    Kimberly Lawrence makes it look easy!
  17. Breaking of the Bread
    Breaking of the Bread
    Gabrielle and Apple prep the bread for lunch
  18. Thank You KFC
    Thank You KFC
    The food was delicious as always!
  19. Serenade
    Pascal and Jaida sing carols for us
  20. Cake
    An important part of our Christmas meal
  21. Old Friends
    Old Friends
    Julian and Rachel have known each other their whole lives. Friends that volunteer together stay friends forever.
  22. Out then In then Angel
    Out then In then Angel
    Every Mikkle Slide in Progress
  23. On Bogle
    On Bogle
    Every Mikkle Slide in Progress
  24. One Sivah
    One Sivah
    Every Mikkle Slide in Progress
  25. Step Front Then Back
Then Pivot
    Step Front Then Back Then Pivot
    Every Mikkle Slide in Progress Check out a video to see the rest
  26. Time for Gifts
    Time for Gifts
  27. So Excited to Give
    So Excited to Give
    Thank You All for Your Support
  28. Every Child. Every Gift.
    Every Child. Every Gift.
    Each child got their own bag of clothing, a gift, books and an Every Mikkle drawstring bag.
  29. We Can't Thank You Enough
    We Can't Thank You Enough
    We could not have done this without you
  30. Ludlow Found It
    Ludlow Found It
    Ludlow helped this little boy find his bag
  31. Two Directors
    Two Directors
    Wade and Rachel check the info quickly!
  32. Darren and Rachel
    Darren and Rachel
    Found Ackeliah's missing tag!
  33. It's Gift Time
    It's Gift Time
  34. Heavy!
    Careful! This one is heavy!
  35. Monique
    Monique was one of the children we helped since 2013. Now, in year 4, she's been adopted and volunteers with us. Inspirational!
  36. Three Directors
    Three Directors
    Ludlow Dawes (Director of Marketing), Rachel Brown (Executive Director) and Wade Green (Director of Operations).
  37. Catch Me If You Can
    Catch Me If You Can
    Wade plays tag with some of the kids.
  38. Balloons
    You're never too old for balloons
  39. He Believes He Can Fly
    He Believes He Can Fly
    Our Director of Operations, Wade Green, can do anything!
  40. Some of the Family
    Some of the Family
    Until next Year!
  1. The Every Mikkle 
Clothing Drive
    The Every Mikkle Clothing Drive 2016
    Our Clothing Drive was even better this year. We collected over 250 pieces of clothing! Thank You to the YMCA for allowing us to have our clothing drive at your location and thanks to Su-Yen Green for baking cookies for donors. They were fantastic!
  2. Early Start
    Early Start
    We arrived early in the morning to start collecting
  3. Who Could This Be For?
    Who Could This Be For?
    Sorting clothes is harder than you think
  4. Su-Yen's Cookies
    Su-Yen's Cookies
    Thanks for the delicious cookies Chef Su!
  5. Terri's A Hard-Worker
    Terri's A Hard-Worker
    Where should this go?
  6. You Can Sit and Work
    You Can Sit and Work
    Aisha has developed a strategy!
  7. At The Speed of Light
    At The Speed of Light
    Moving so fast the camera can't focus!
  8. Every Child
    Every Child
    Each child got their own personal bag of clothing according to their needs, age, size and gender. Kemo loved his bag!
  9. Giftwrap
    The final touches!
  10. Late Finish
    Late Finish
    Exhausted but accomplished! This is how we look after a full day's work!
  1. Family Feast
    Family Feast
    We fed 100 homeless people with the help of the KSAC Poor Relief Department and Captain's Bakery. They were so grateful for the food and we were so grateful for the opportunity to give it to them.
  2. Food In Hand
    Food In Hand
    These three ladies picked up the 100 meals from Captain's Bakery just in time
  3. Will it Fit?
    Will it Fit?
    Our Director of Operations, Wade helps us to try and get all the food into the car and to the destination safely! It was a tight squeeze!
  4. Lunch is Served!
    Lunch is Served!
    The line went through the door!
  5. Yum
    These guys wasted no time getting started
  6. Lunch Time
    Lunch Time
    After serving everyone, our team enjoyed spending time wit them and watching them enjoy the food.
  7. Gratitude
    This lady was so thankful for lunch!
  8. Talent
    This young man shows us his original sketches. So talented!
  9. Ladies Man
    Ladies Man
    This charmer insisted on taking a pic with our gorgeous volunteers. Of course we were happy to oblige!
  10. The Team
    The Team
    Post-feeding, we took a pic with their super woman chef who was so happy we brought food so she could get a break. She cooks around 300 meals every day!
  11. These Two
    These Two
    These directors are always laughing at something! Their joy sustains them and inspires us!
  12. Mission Accomplished
    Mission Accomplished
    100 Lunches, 100 Full Tummies, 5 Happy Volunteers Every mikkle mek a muckle!
  1. Muckle Mural
    Muckle Mural
    We love to paint, the kids love to paint and we all love to make our surroundings beautiful. In an effort to lift the spirits of the children every day and beautify their environment, we made a mural at the Jamaica National Children's Home. It came out great!
  2. Vision Board
    Vision Board
    Our resident motivational speaker, Carey-Lee Dixon gets help from our E.D. Rachel Brown to ascertain the thoughts, dreams and desires of the children before putting representations of their dreams and themselves on the mural.
  3. I Want A...
    I Want A...
    This ambitious girl wrote down exactly what she wants in the future. Can you guess what it was?
  4. Painting the Pots
    Painting the Pots
    The vision for the mural was to paint a garden with each pot belonging to one child containing a plant filled with their dreams. Awesome, right?
  5. Our Artistic Director
    Our Artistic Director
    Our artistic director, Jacqueline Douglas-Brown shows us how to paint sunflowers.
  6. Hard Work
    Hard Work
    This little one worked so hard she got paint all over her hair!
  7. Balance!
    Good thing our Artistic Co-Director is also a dancer. She managed to balance on a table while painting with paint in hand and a bag on her back for hours!
  8. Petal Painting
    Petal Painting
    Our Executive Director joins in the painting
  9. Everyone is Working
    Everyone is Working
    Seperate sections, one vision
  10. It's Coming Together
    It's Coming Together
    Writing, painting, designing, creating.
  11. Reanna's Doctor Bird
    Reanna's Doctor Bird
    Look at the next pic for the final product!
  12. Reanna's Doctor Bird Pt2
    Reanna's Doctor Bird Pt2
    Her beautiful rendition of our National Bird!
  13. Thank You Sponsors!
    Thank You Sponsors!
    Two kids putting the final touches on the logos of our sponsors: BH Paints and Smart Term!
  1. Major Keys 4 Success
    Major Keys 4 Success
    Major Keys for Success was designed to focus on careers in the arts to increase exposure to untraditional careers. This event was the first in the series and focused on making Music Videos through workshops on Filming, Choreography, Dance and Recording songs.
  2. Ready to Move
    Ready to Move
    Rachel watches the dancers move!
  3. Go Ludlow
    Go Ludlow
    Director Ludlow shows us how it's done!
  4. So Much Fun
    So Much Fun
    She's a superstar!
  5. Thanks UWI Dancers
    Thanks UWI Dancers
    The Dancers from the UWI Law School came and showed us their moves!
  6. Quick Class
    Quick Class
    Yannick showed us how to shoot a video
  7. Mentorship
    Yannick, our resident photographer shows this youngster how to use the camera
  8. Big Up Dancers
    Big Up Dancers
    Thanks for showing us some moves!
  9. Too Cute
    Too Cute
    Thanks for coming Samantha!
  10. Kayla
    Kayla, our resident photographer shows us how its done
  1. The 
Every Mikkle Foundation
    The Every Mikkle Foundation Launch
    On December 18, 2016, the Every Mikkle Foundation launched as an official NGO. We had lots of great food (Thank You Pages in The Gardens), A dance performance (Thanks OBOG), A reggae performance (Thanks 5 star), A song (Thanks Jaida), A poem (Thanks Monique) and a live painting (Thanks Reanna and Kacey). We danced, we ate and we celebrated charity.
  2. Yummy Food!
    Yummy Food!
    Thank You Pages in the Gardens for catering. The food was fantastic! Ps: Check them out in Hope Gardens.
  3. Thanks Kayla
    Thanks Kayla
    Kayla, pictured here with the board is our resident photgrapher
  4. MC's
    Our Director of Marketing, Ludlow is also an MC on the side. Thank you Soyini for being his fabulous co-host.
  5. Resident Bartender
    Resident Bartender
    Darren was a great bartender
  6. Smart Term
    Smart Term
    Thank You Smart Term for being one of our fantastic sponsors! If any of you are looking for an online education platform, this is definitely the best one!
  7. Smart Term
    Smart Term
    Check them out!
  8. Fully Covered Events
    Fully Covered Events
    Thank you Avn Fullwood from Fully Covered Events for doing all of our decor! The place looked great!
  9. Fully Covered Events
    Fully Covered Events
    Check Them Out!
  10. A  "Mikkle" Gallery
    A "Mikkle" Gallery
    Some of our supporters checking out photos from past events.
  11. Friends from When
    Friends from When
    Julian, Samantha and Yannick, Every Mikkle OGs came out to support
  12. What Does Every Mikkle Mek A Muckle Mean?
    What Does Every Mikkle Mek A Muckle Mean?
    Darren explains the meaning of the saying.
  13. A Few Tickets Left
    A Few Tickets Left
    So worth it!
  14. OBOG
    Thank you One Body One God for blessing us with your incredible moves!
  15. 5 Star
    5 Star
    An awe-inspiring performance
  16. Keep Your 3rd Eye Open
    Keep Your 3rd Eye Open
    Check out 5 star's music on soundcloud
  17. Jaida
    Jaida, one of our student ambassadors sang some classic Bob Marley and Christmas Carols! Such a great voice!
  18. Live Painting
    Live Painting
    Reanna and Kacey, two student ambassadors painted this right before our very eyes! Fascinating!
  19. The Winner!
    The Winner!
    Dena-Mae Brown won the auction for this fabulous piece!
  20. Rachel
    Our Executive Director thanks the audience and gets ready to present the awards.
  21. Ludlow Dawes
    Ludlow Dawes
    Director of Marketing
  22. Wade Green
    Wade Green
    Director of Operations
  23. Mark Chisholm
    Mark Chisholm
    Director of Public Relations
  24. Reanna
    Head Student Ambassador
  25. Student Ambassadors
    Student Ambassadors
    3 of our St. Andrew High Student Ambassadors: Jaimie-Leigh, Christina and Gabrielle
  26. Old Friends
    Old Friends
    They're not old but their friendship is!
  27. Our Golden Girls
    Our Golden Girls
    These young ladies ready for a night out
  28. Supporters
    Thanks for coming out!
  29. Ready for Action
    Ready for Action
    These members of the Liberty Academy and their family came out to support us as always! Thanks Liberty!
  30. A Heart to Heart
    A Heart to Heart
    Our E.D. spends some time with our guests.
  31. All Smiles
    All Smiles
    This couple is enjoying their night
  32. The Every Mikkle Slide
    The Every Mikkle Slide
    The team demonstrates The Every Mikkle Slide to the audience
  33. Dance Time
    Dance Time
    The audience watch eagerly
  34. Dance Class
    Dance Class
    They're ready to do The Every Mikkle Slide
  35. Family Foundation
    Family Foundation
    Thanks for Supporting Us George's!
  36. The Browns
    The Browns
    Happy Faces!
  37. Tokens of Appreciation
    Tokens of Appreciation
    The volunteers made all of these by hand to thank our guests for coming. Thank You for Your Support!
  1. Every Mikkle Dedication at Swallowfield Chapel
    Every Mikkle Dedication at Swallowfield Chapel
    On December 18th, 2017, The Every Mikkle Foundation had a dedication and received prayer at Swallowfield Chapel. A service honouring service! Love it!
  2. Praise and Worship
    Praise and Worship
    The music was great!
  3. More of Us
    More of Us
    So happy to have the group together!
  4. The Team
    The Team
    Thanks for this pic , Kayla Blake (resident photographer)
  5. Pastor David
    Pastor David
    Thanks again for having us!
  1. Women of Dignity
    Women of Dignity
    From time to time an angel will bless us and sponsor an event close to their heart that also touches the hearts of those we serve. This year, on April 1, Lisa VanArsdale created Women of Dignity and sponsored a motivational workshop consisting of vision board making, dinner, snacks and tons of inspiration for the girls at St. Anthony's and Mary's Child.
  2. Carey-Lee
    This brilliant woman and Phenomenal Female 2016 honouree showed us her own vision board then how to make one.
  3. Materials
    Ready to go!
  4. Getting There
    Getting There
    One of the girls is making an awesome board. Check it out!
  5. Vision Board In Progress
    Vision Board In Progress
    Own It!
  6. Home-Made Popcorn
    Home-Made Popcorn
    Rachel, our E.D. and Gabby, a Student Ambassador are making popcorn...on the stove! We do it all!
  7. Popcorn!
    Ready for a snack!
  8. Journal Time
    Journal Time
    We gifted each girl a much-needed journal and shared how to use them.
  9. Hi Baby
    Hi Baby
    Carey loves babies
  10. Hi Baby
    Hi Baby
    Lisa loves babies
  11. Hi Baby
    Hi Baby
    Rachel loves babies
  12. Pizza's Here
    Pizza's Here
    Thank You Pizza Hut!
  13. Volunteer
    And eat Pizza...in moderation of course
  14. All Smiles
    All Smiles
    Rachel loves to serve
  15. Thank You Lisa
    Thank You Lisa
    You made this day wonderful and had such a huge impact on the girls. Women of Dignity 2016 was a dignified success!
  1. Chicken Coop Restoration
Jamaica National Children's Home
    Chicken Coop Restoration Jamaica National Children's Home
    The Every Mikkle Foundation partnered with the Rotaract club of Kingston to restore and refurbish the chicken coop at the Jamaica National Children's Home. We donated 100 chickens, built the coops, played games, had snacks and then gave them the supplies for the chickens. Thank you Rotaract for partnering with us!
  2. Chicks!
    The chickens arrived and were too cute to resist.
  3. So Cute
    So Cute
    Our Executive Director inspects the chicks quickly.
  4. Chicken Whisperer
    Chicken Whisperer
    Our resident chick whisperer shows Pierce, the President of Rotaract and Rachel, the E.D. of Every Mikkle, how to hold a chicken.
  5. Surprise!
    Pierce wasn't ready. Haha!
  6. Getting Ready
    Getting Ready
    We have a quick chat right before getting ready to put the chicks in the coop.
  7. Carpooling
    These two share a ride to the coop.
  8. Precious!
    She was so gentle with the baby chick,
  9. Jammy
    Resident big brother shows us how it's done.
  10. Danny
    Daniel Golding shares a moment with his friend
  11. Hard Work
    Hard Work
    Our resident electrician, Jahson does some work on the structure.
  12. Quick Learner
    Quick Learner
    We showed this young builder in the making how to use a hammer and he caught on very quickly. "Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime."
  13. Steph
    Stephan is hard at work on the mesh. He did a great job!
  14. What Time Is It?
    What Time Is It?
    Jermaine shows Michael how to tell time.
  15. Ready?
    Darren explains the game of Dog and Bone to the kids!
  16. Usain Bolt in The Making
    Usain Bolt in The Making
    He won!
  17. All Done
    All Done
    Our Director of Public Relations, Mark and Michael check out the finished product. So cool!
  18. Almost Done
    Almost Done
    Our Executive Director hangs out with some of the kids
  19. Wade
    Our Director of Operations wears many hats...and many shirts. lol He's also a proud Rotarian!
  20. Every Mikkle and Rotaract
    Every Mikkle and Rotaract
    Teamwork makes the dream work.
  1. Phenomenal Females
Intl. Women's Day
    Phenomenal Females Intl. Women's Day 2016
    This year's award recipients were Samantha George (Phenomenal Chef), Stephanie Goldson (Phenomenal Medical Student and Fitness Guru), Talia Soares (Phenomenal Radio Personality and Lawyer), Camille Douglas-Stephenson (Phenomenal Architect) and Carey-Lee Dixon (Phenomenal Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur)
  2. The Honourees
    The Honourees
    These women are truly phenomenal
  3. Stephanie Goldson
    Stephanie Goldson
    UWI Medical Student and co-founder of Go gives us tips on how to keep fit while pregnant or post-pregnancy. We did some pre-natal yoga and worked up an appetite!
  4. Samantha George
    Samantha George
    Chef and Entrepreneur gives us a quick and fabulous cooking demo.
  5. Food In Progress
    Food In Progress
    Thanks Sam for all of the tips! We will be making poached eggs and crepes soon!
  6. Camille Douglas
    Camille Douglas
    This fabulous architect and also expectant mother talks to us about how to plan our days and journal to release stress.
  7. Talia Soares
    Talia Soares
    Talia, a wonderful young lawyer and TV host looks up at her presentation on how to dress to complement your body-type.
  8. Carey-Lee Dixon
    Carey-Lee Dixon
    Motivational Speaker and founder of For Women to Women was our very inspirational key-note speaker this year. She spoke about the necessity of serving as advocates for our fellow women as opposed to rivals. A much needed talk!
  9. Participation Time
    Participation Time
    After the lessons come application!
  10. That Girl Is On Fire
    That Girl Is On Fire
    Thank you Zoe for serenading us with some Alicia Keys!
  11. # Rewriting The Code
    # Rewriting The Code
    The theme for International Women's Day was well celebrated at our event. Thank you Pages Cafe for sponsoring us!
  1. The Every Mikkle Christmas Eve Fun Day
    The Every Mikkle Christmas Eve Fun Day 2015
    The 2015 Fun Day was better than ever. We catered to over 100 children's home residents and had a blast. We did yoga, we learned dance moves, we learned how to plant vegetables, we made kites, we got mani-pedis, we played ultimate frisbee, we played football, we made ornaments, we ate and just had a blast.
  2. Agriculture
    Thanks to Adam from "Plants by Addy" for teaching us how to grow our own food!
  3. Football
    We can't have a Fun Day without football.
  4. Ref and Volunteer
    Ref and Volunteer
    Jaida was this year's referee
  5. Dance
    Thanks Schoy Stewart for teaching us how to "gas"
  6. Hands in the Air!
    Hands in the Air!
    Can you guess which dance we're doing?
  7. Manicures
    Fun Day Salon is in full effect!
  8. Face-painting
    Renee is hard at work!
  9. Crafts!
    Setting up for kite-making
  10. Christmas Kite
    Christmas Kite
    It works!
  11. Heavy Duty
    Heavy Duty
    Thanks Ryan!
  12. Peek-a-boo
    Look closely, we see you!
  13. Beauty and Brawn
    Beauty and Brawn
    Strength for days!
  14. Sno-Cones
    You may call them slushies but it Jamaica they're sno-cones
  15. Treat Bags
    Treat Bags
    Last Minute Prep
  16. Last Prep
    Last Prep
    So many gift bags!!!
  17. Belleh!
    Sanjay is back!
  18. Yoga
    Thanks for the session Nanny!
  19. Friends Forever
    Friends Forever
    Friends that volunteer together stay together
  20. Crafts
    Zara's table looks good
  21. Dancing Dynamite
    Dancing Dynamite
    Our resident dance teacher Schoy and his friend from Germany with our E.D.
  22. Lunch Time
    Lunch Time
    Thanks KFC!
  23. Lean on Me
    Lean on Me
    Wade helps a resident that does not have full use of her legs to DANCE!
  24. Songstress
    Thanks Sam Strachan for blessing us with that voice!
  25. Oh Christmas Tree
    Oh Christmas Tree
    One-of-a-kind, handmade tree decorations
  26. The Sqaud
    The Sqaud
    Gift time!
  1. The Every Mikkle 
Clothing Drive
    The Every Mikkle Clothing Drive 2015
    We collected over 150 pieces of clothing to be donated to the residents of 4 Children's Homes. Thank YOU for your support!
  2. Warm Up
    Warm Up
    Naturally we had to warm up first!
  3. So Many Clothes!
    So Many Clothes!
    We sorted each piece by age and gender then assigned them to each child we served, wrapped them nicely and labelled their gift.
  4. Sorting
    Who could this be for?- Adam
  5. 96 Degrees...
    96 Degrees...
    ...In the Shade. Talia is working hard i the heat.
  6. Shoes Galore!
    Shoes Galore!
    These are only some of them!
  7. Quick Selfie
    Quick Selfie
    Mark is our Director of Public Relations after all!
  8. All Ages Welcome
    All Ages Welcome
    Our youngest volunteer, Genesis helps her mom, Selah to sort the clothing! Soooo cute!
  9. So Many Donations!
    So Many Donations!
    Working hard!
  10. Thank You Lollipops
    Thank You Lollipops
    Two donors pose with Julian and their thank you lollipops! It was the least we could do!
  1. The Every Mikkle Christmas Eve Fun Day
    The Every Mikkle Christmas Eve Fun Day 2014
    This year was even better than last year. We helped to give Christmas to 75 residents from Dare to Care, St. Anthony's, Mary's Child and Matthew 25:40. We played games, made kites, played football, learned a few dance moves (Thanks Schoy Stewart), had a talk from a motivational speaker, got mani-pedis, watched great performances, ate to our hearts' content and had a blast. Thank you Pages Cafe, First Caribbean, KFC and Liberty Academy for being our sponsors this year.
  2. Art and Craft
    Art and Craft
    Fun and focused!
  3. Face-Painting!
    Awesome job Jo!
  4. Small Groups
    Small Groups
    Our motivational speaker had several small groups to inspire!
  5. Mani-Pedis
    Fancy for Christmas!
  6. Pre-match Prep
    Pre-match Prep
    Resident football director Ryan Dyer getting a star player ready for the match! Looks ready to me!
  7. Game On!
    Game On!
    Every Mikkle needs an EPL team.
  8. Every Mikkle
    Every Mikkle
    They figured how to do this then patiently showed us. :)
  9. Dance Class
Schoy Stewart
    Dance Class with Schoy Stewart
  10. 'Cuz We're Happy
    'Cuz We're Happy
    Smiles for everyone!
  11. We <3 Bagjuice
    We <3 Bagjuice
    Bagjuice is an important part of every Fun Day!
  12. Lunch!
    Thank you KFC for your continuing support!
  13. Konfu Dread!
    Konfu Dread!
    So much fun learning to do the "dooly dooly" with Konfu Dread!
  14. Guidance
    Taj and Peazy talking strategy with their team!
  15. Every Mikkle Engineers
    Every Mikkle Engineers
    Talia and Reanna got it covered.
  16. Good Lungs!
    Good Lungs!
    Adam helps blow this balloon like a champ!
  17. Gift Time
    Gift Time
    Just some of the Christmas gifts for the kids.
  18. From US!
    From US!
    We personalize and tag every single gift.
  19. Smiles and Service
    Smiles and Service
    Sanjay and Rachel for a quick pic!
  20. Enthusiasm
    We're so excited and we just can't hide it!
  21. Inspiration
    One of our kids painted this: " From there is a will, there is a way. Never Give Up!" Naturally we hung it on our Christmas Tree
  1. The Every Mikkle Christmas Eve Fun Day
    The Every Mikkle Christmas Eve Fun Day 2013
    This was our first annual Christmas Eve Fun Day and it was amazing. We served the residents from Dare to care, St. Anthony's and Mary's Child and we had a blast. We did arts and crafts, played football, danced, watched performances, ate and exchanged gifts. Big up our sponsors Pages Cafe, KFC, First Caribbean, and Liberty Academy for all of their help!
  2. Face Painting
    Face Painting
    Every Mikkle has an incredible amount of artistic talent. You should have seen Shaq's finished product. Picasso has nothing on him! :)
  3. We got the moves... 
like Mikkle!
    We got the moves... like Mikkle!
    Thank you Pro Moves for coming out and showing us your...well...PRO MOVES! Its was awesome!
  4. All Smiles
    All Smiles
    We smile while we serve!
  5. Hands Up!
    Hands Up!
    This is so much more effective at getting their attention! :)
  6. Balla Alert
    Balla Alert
    Watch Jordan make a wicked goal! We also have athletes in numbers! Challenge us anytime! Wi ready!
  7. A Laugh is...
 a Smile that Bursts
    A Laugh is... a Smile that Bursts
    True joy is found in bringing joy to others!
  8. Babies!
    We love our babies and we take their futures seriously!
  9. Art and Craft
    Art and Craft
    Meet our super talented resident artist and source of creativity, Saffron!
  10. Salute!
    This is our resident photgrapher in an actual photograph...rare! Big up Yannick Reid!
  11. Mani-Pedis
    We do good and look good.
  12. Dog and Bone
    Dog and Bone
    Ever tried it? Kids versus "Old People", who do you think won?
  13. Dog and Bone
    Dog and Bone (Close-up)
    Watch out Kenya! She's ready for you!
  14. So Much Fun!
    So Much Fun!
    She won!
  15. Jewelry-Making
    Watch out Jared!
  16. Let's Get to Work!
    Let's Get to Work!
    Teri's putting the final touches on her nails.
  17. Meet Two of Our Directors
Wade and Rachel
    Meet Two of Our Directors Wade and Rachel
    Tired but passionate. Ready for lunch!
  18. Lunch Time!
    Lunch Time!
    Our team works so hard! Thank you KFC!
  19. Nobody Does It Better
    Nobody Does It Better
    Yum! KFC every Christmas Eve!
  20. It's So Hard To Say Goodbye
    It's So Hard To Say Goodbye
    Heading back to the bus! Until next year!

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