"Those who baan in April skip around"

  1. Tree Planting & Irrigation System Installation
    APR 20
    Tree Planting & Irrigation System Installation
    We will be heading to one of our favourite children's homes, Matthew 25:40 to plant some fruit and vegetable trees and crops, show them how to farm and to install a water irrigation system which will increase environmental sustainability and farming efficiency at the home. We are excited to partner with We Are One from the USA on this project.
  2. Board of Directors Meeting
    APR 27
    Board of Directors Meeting
    Our board is getting together to plan our upcoming events and recap previous events. There are so many exciting this happening!
  3. Reasoning and Empowerment Session
    APR 21
    Reasoning and Empowerment Session
    The Gentlemen from We Are One will be joining us at Life Yard to talk to some of the inner-city youth about life, creating a positive future, having the courage to pursue your dreams and dream big, and answering any questions the boys may have.
    APR 28
    We will be heading to the different homes to ensure that the children are okay and have everything they need.