"Those who baan in June skip around"

  1. Tree Planting & Irrigation System Installation
    June 08
    Tree Planting & Irrigation System Installation
    In April, we planted a farm of 200 plants that had 10 types of crops at Matthew 25:40 with the help of We Are One. This month, we will be planting a few more crops and installing a Water irrigation system at the home so they can be more environmentally sustainable and effective with their plant growth! We're so excited!
  2. Board of Directors Meeting
    JUNE 25
    Board of Directors Meeting
    Our board is getting together to plan our upcoming events and recap previous events. There are so many exciting this happening!
  3. Father's Day
    June 16
    Father's Day
    We will be celebrating Father's day with our Dads and providing support for the fatherless kids we serve. To all the Dads who have been around, loved us and invested in us; Thank you!
    JUNE 26
    We will be heading to the different homes to ensure that the children are okay and have everything they need.