"Those who baan in February skip around"

  1. Black History Month 2020
    FEB 1-29
    Black History Month 2020
    We will be celebrating both Black History Month and Reggae Month this February. What a great time to reflect on how far we have come with pride and gratitude!
  2. Student Ambassador 
Service Planning Session
    FEB 12
    Student Ambassador Service Planning Session
    Our board will meet to discuss events and set plans in motion for the rest of the year If there is anything you would like to bring to our attention (proposals, feedback, requests, etc.) please email info@everymikklefoundation.org
  3. Home Check-Ins
    FEB 10
    Home Check-Ins
    We will be checking in in-person at each of our homes to make sure our children are healthy and happy and of course have had a great start to the school year. We will also take this time to assess their needs and desires so we can take them into consideration when planning our upcoming projects.
  4. Maroon BHM Event
    FEB 15
    Maroon BHM Event
    A few members of the Maroon community in Accompong will be doing us the honour of coming to one of our homes in Spanish Town to teach the children about Maroon History and Customs. We are super excited and honoured to be able to learn a few drum rhythms, how to make a few traditional meals, and even some words and phrases.