Our Story
Our Story
Our name “Every Mikkle” comes from the Jamaican proverb “Every mikkle mek a muckle” which means that every little contribution (“every mikkle”) when combined will all together make (:mek”) something significant (“a muckle”).

The Every Mikkle Foundation started off indeed as a “mikkle”; a very small group of young Jamaican students who simply wanted to make a change. With no resources and little experience, but all the faith, determination and talent they needed, they came together and The Every Mikkle Foundation was born. Two months after its inception, on December 24, 2013, Every Mikkle had its first annual event, The Every Mikkle Christmas Eve Fun Day. By the day of the event, 2 students with an idea, became 40 students with a purpose and plan. In 2013, we helped over 100 residents of 3 children’s homes to have the Merry Christmas they deserve but had been deprived of.
Since that first event, The Every Mikkle Foundation has grown to over 80 volunteers (including the original 30) and we have helped over 250 children in children’s homes throughout Jamaica, and recently, Florida as well.

Each year we have several events and we continue to add events and programs that will help youth worldwide. Our annual events include, The Christmas Eve Fun Day, our Clothing Drive, our semi-annual Book Drive, several workshops, mentorship programs, career seminars and fun activities all with the aim of improving the quality of life of the youth serve.
Our mission, put simply, is to “mek a muckle”. Our goal is to amass a group of talented young people full of talent and vision that seek to help underprivileged youth to survive and thrive through providing educational opportunities, global awareness, helpful fun events and of course, resources needed to improve the quality of life of all the youth we come into contact with.

 We believe that every single youth, regardless of their circumstances is here for a purpose and that all youth have the talent, gifts and therefore ability to improve the world. We simply want to hone their talents and abilities, maximize their potential and make the youth we serve the best that they can be, which will ultimately make the world the best it can be too.
Meet The Directors
Rachel Brown
Executive Director
Rachel, is one of the founders of The Every Mikkle Foundation and has served as Executive Director since the organization’s inception. She currently operates the company from Barcelona where she is obtaining her PhD in Media, Communication and Culture . In 2015 she graduated from The Wake Forest University, School of Law  with a Master’s degree in Law. She is  a proud Trojan and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with a Pre-Law emphasis and Spanish Minor from the University of Southern California. Rachel is also a  proud St. Andrew High School “old girl” and legacy. She is currently a Global Youth Ambassador for A World At School and The United Nations and has the honour of serving as the first Jamaican to receive that appointment.

In Rachel’s Words…
“I started The Every Mikkle Foundation to help as much as I could in creating the family that many of our youth are missing. My parents raised me to believe that “to whom much is given, much is expected”. They required us to volunteer at children’s homes when we were younger and I noticed that the only thing that separated me from the children there was something I had no control over; the family I was born into. Every Mikkle is a family and through exposure to each other and our different walks of life, we see what we never knew was possible and we grow to genuinely care for people we would never have known. We have managed to effect a lot of change and our potential to “mek a muckle” in the future is limitless. I know we will…simply because we can.’

"Be the change you want to see in the world."- Mahatma Gandhi

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Ludlow Dawes
Director of Public Relations

"The Devil whispers you can't withstand the storm, the warrior replies, I am the storm."

Ludlow Dawes hails from Spanish Town and is a past student of Kingston College. Dawes currently resides in Miami, Florida where he works as a marketing representative for Jack Daniel’s. Ludlow is also a founding member and joined the ranks of the Every Mikkle Team when he met Rachel while they were both attending Wake Forest University. Dawes has a passion for youth development through the power of education. He hopes one day to see fair access to education among all of Jamaica’s youth despite socioeconomic differences.

In Ludlow’s Words…
“My favourite event is the fun day because it is something that everyone looks forward to and the energy reflects that. From the kids to the volunteers to the board, we anticipate the fun day all year and never have a dull moment. 
Wade attended St. George's College and Hillel Academy in Jamaica. He has a background in Biopsychology from Arcadia University, Pennsylvania and is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD) programme at the University of Technology, Jamaica. He has a passion for people, culture, service and outreach, reflected in his role as Community Outreach director for the DMD Class of 2018 and his position as Public Relations Director and Sergeant-At-Arms for the Rotaract Club of Kingston.

In Wade’s Words…
Health is multifaceted. It doesn't just represent our physical well-being, but is biological, psychological and sociological in nature. This extends from not only how we are as individuals, but the way we function as a community, our access to basic human rights, and even the policies that are in place to govern our people.
I want our children to not only be physically well, but also mentally and emotionally nurtured, while having access to opportunities for growth and development. Their potential is limitless, and I want to ensure that they have the resources to make their dreams a reality.
Wade Green
Director of Operations

“There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” -Bruce Lee

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Mark Chisholm
Director of Marketing

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Mark Chisholm is the Director of Marketing for The Every Mikkle Foundation. He joined the organization in 2013. Chisholm is a past student of Jamaica College and followed through by going to the University of Technology to study Business. In that time he also completed a course in Auto-cad and Project Management. Mark has also proved to be an excellent event planner and has coordinated four largely acclaimed parties in Jamaica. Currently, he serves as a draftsman for an architect. His academic interests include Real estate and Property Management, but he balances that off with his Social Interests where he specializes in Social Media Marketing and Event Planning. All in all, Mark enjoys life and the experiences it brings.

In Mark’s words…
“There many reasons why I joined Every Mikkle but what grabbed me, is the idea of getting youths to do charity for the youths. I've never thought of a more humbling way for young people to get involved and show the world what they can do through their own initiative. In addition, the team that Rachel put together exceeded any expectations or hopes I could have had and that has pushed me to do better for the foundation each year. I want Every Mikkle to be the Charity that people strongly believe in and want to grow with. Being the Marketing arm, I enjoy when I get responses from colleagues saying they like what they see and that they want to get involved. The Fun Day even though it brings its challenges, has been one of the best days of my year every year since it began. It not only lets me be a kid for a day; it continues to open my eyes to the generation to come.”
Meet Our Student Ambassadors
  1. Executive Director
    Reanna Brown
    Head Student Ambassador
    Age: 17 Grade: 12 Hobbies: Art and Music Reanna’s Words: “It’s good to give back because I like when people are happy and Every Mikkle makes people happy.”
  2. Executive Director
    Russell Hinds
    Campion College
    Age: 18 Grade: 13 Hobbies: Swimming. Playing Football and Listening to Music Russell’s Words: “I joined Every Mikkle because if I was in the position of the people we help, I’d want someone to help me too.”
  3. Executive Director
    Jaida Browne
    Immaculate Conception High
    Age: 17 Grade: 13 Hobbies: Playing Football, Singing and Acting Jaida’s Words: “I thought Every Mikkle was cool so I joined. A lot of times we have the opportunity to give back and don’t so I thought it was a good idea to do it.”
  4. Executive Director
    Jaimie-Leigh Green
    St. Andrew High
    Age: 17 Grade: 11 Hobbies: Piano Jaimie’s Words: “I wanted to be an ambassador because Every Mikkle is a great organization and its good to give back.”
  5. Executive Director
    Terique Harvey
    Wolmer's Boys High
    Age: 18 Grade:6b Hobbies: Videogames and movies Terique’s Words:” I joined Every Mikkle because after being invited, I could not turn down the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of others.”
  6. Executive Director
    Christian Harrison
    Excelsior Community College
    Age: 19 Grade: Associates Degree in progress Hobbies: Animation, Film and Video Games Christian’s Words: “I joined Every Mikkle because it was a good opportunity to help out.”
  1. Executive Director
    Christina Ferguson
    St. Andrew High
    Age: 16 Grade: 12 Hobbies: Cooking, Baking and Reading. Christina’s Words: “I truly enjoy helping people and Every Mikkle helps me to do that.”
  2. Executive Director
    Pascal Lindsay
    Campion College
    Age: 17 Grade: 12 Hobbies: Playing Sports and Music Pascal’s Words: ”It feels good to help other people. When you do good, you feel good!”
  3. Executive Director
    Gabrielle Harris
    St. Andrew High
    Age: 16 Grade: 12 Hobbies: Playing Musical Instruments and Baking Pastries Gabby's Words: “It’s nice to help people and I like to help people.”
  4. Executive Director
    Kacey Holbrooke
    St. Andrew High
    Age: 16 Grade: 12 Hobbes: Swimming, Art, Reading, Watching DIY vids on Youtube Kacey’s Words: “I joined Every Mikkle because I want to give back to the community and Every Mikkle gave me a good opportunity to do so.”
  5. Executive Director
    Khalil Hunter
    Calabar High School
    Age: 16 Grade: 10 Hobbies: Playing football and eating Khalil’s Words: “I joined Every Mikkle because I knew it was something good and I love giving to the less-fortunate.”
  6. Executive Director
    Any High School In Jamaica
    Age: 13-18 Passion: Making a difference Qualities: Ambitious, Organized, Compassionate, Talented, Resourceful Contact: studentambassadors@ everymikklefoundation.org