The Every Mikkle Foundation

Every Child. Every Need. Every Mikkle
  1. Every Child
    Every Child
    We believe that every child, everywhere deserves to feel loved, be happy, dream bigger and become the absolute best they can be.
  2. Every Need
    Every Need
    We believe that in order to create substantial change, we cannot simply focus on one aspect of life but must acknowledge and cater to the entire makeup of each individual we serve.
  3. Every Mikkle
    Every Mikkle
    We believe that as a collective we are much stronger and more impactful than as individuals. If each of us contributes whatever we can, regardless of the size, if we put it all together it will "mek a muckle" (be GREAT).
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  1. 1
    Every Smile
    Our programs bring joy to the children we serve. We strive to put a smile on each face present and ensure good emotional health.
  2. 2
    Every Education
    Our programs are educational and focus on teaching the children academic, athletic,artistic and social skills.
  3. 3
    Every Dream
    We inspire our children to not only dream, but constantly dream bigger. We expand their horizons and hopes by showing them what is possible.
  4. 4
    Every Future
    We provide the familial support many children lack and help to hone their skills and talents to ensure a successful and fulfilling future.
"Every Mikkle Mek A Muckle"